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Quick and Easy — as in 1-2-3

You can add a similar chatbot to your website by starting from a ready-made template.

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    Create Chatbot

    Visually build chatbots quickly through an intuitive interface, designed for non-technical people.

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    Share Widget

    Add a code snippet to your site to display launcher, embed in your pages, or share chatbot's url.

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    Track Results

    Browse responses right from your dashboard or save them all in a spreadsheet file format.

Excited to try the builder?

Easy to Make — Click Click

The builder equipped with plenty of design options to present information or accept user input. Also, you can modify the order of conversation with conditional jumps.

Text & Image

Link List

Accordion / FAQ

Social Networks

Conditional Jumps

Short & Long inputs

Email Address

Date & Numbers


Single & Multiple Choices

Check Them All

Easy to make chatbot

Starter Templates

A selection of pre-designed templates to get started with. Browse to se what is possible with Formito, get inspired, and make it yours.

The one in your left is a template for a real estate agent website. Try it now and browse more.

Browse Templates

Send responses to your favorite tools as data come in

  • Integrate Google Sheets
  • Integrate MailChimp
  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Integrate Zendesk
  • Integrate Webhook
Google Spreadsheets

Automatically sync your responses with a Google sheet as data come in.


Build a help desk chatbot and create a support ticket with your custom fields.


Every captured email addresses appears in your preferred audience list.


Notify your application when someone provides data to your chatbot.

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