Why Formito?

We strive to renovate forms for the new decade. Chat-style forms are just the start.


Save some space on your landing page by removing traditional and long forms.

Share Anywhere

Display in a launcher or popup, embed directly inside your page or share a URL.

Powerful Builder

It’s not yet another drag and drop builder, our builder is an intention-first editor.


It works where you work. You can seamlessly integrate your data into popular apps.

Increase Conversion

Proactively reach your potential customers, increase engagement and reduce bounces.

Delight Customers

Let your customers reach out to you anywhere anytime, even when you are sleep.


Generate Leads

Acquire Customers while you are sleep.

Before you can make the sale, you need to capture the lead. Have a chatbot on your website to proactively initiate a discussion with your visitors to increase engagement and reduce the bounce rate.

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Support Customers

Build stronger relationships with clients.

Connect with your customers and understand their needs better than ever with instant customer support. Place your contact form, FAQs, help center, and ticketing support below their fingertip.

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Survey & Feedback

Get to know your business from customers.

Ready-to-use feedback form templates for your website, so you can gather information about your products, company, processes, events, or employees.

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How It Works

Quick and Easy — as in 1-2-3

You can add a similar chatbot to your website by starting from a ready-made template.

  1. 1
    Create Chatbot

    Visually build chatbots quickly through an intuitive interface, designed for non-technical people.

  2. 2
    Share Widget

    Add a code snippet to your site to display launcher, embed in your pages, or share chatbot's url.

  3. 3
    Track Results

    Browse responses right from your dashboard or save them all in a spreadsheet file format.

Excited to try the builder?

Easy to Make — Click Click

The builder equipped with plenty of design options to present information or accept user input. Also, you can modify the order of conversation with conditional jumps.

Text & Image

Link List

Accordion / FAQ

Actions & Lambdas

Conditional Jumps

Short & Long inputs

Email & Numbers

Date & Time

File upload & Payment

Single & Multiple Choices

Easy to make chatbot

Send responses to your favorite tools as data come in

  • Integrate Google Sheets
  • Integrate MailChimp
  • Integrate Zapier
  • Integrate Slack
  • Integrate Zendesk
  • Integrate Webhook
  • Integrate Gmail
Google Spreadsheets

Automatically sync your responses with a Google sheet as data come in.


Send a customized message to your Slack channel when you get a response.


Build a help desk chatbot and create a support ticket with your custom fields.


Every captured email addresses appears in your preferred audience list.


Connect a Zap to your Formito and run the workflow with collected data.


Notify your application when someone provides data to your chatbot.

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