October 2020
  • NewAction ⚡ — Add a record to your Airtable base
  • NewAction ⚡ — Add a record to your Adalo database
  • NewAction ⚡ — Update a record in your Adalo database
  • NewColumns — Ability to reorder columns
  • NewRecords — Display responses based on the order of columns
  • NewEmbed — Ability to embed your Formito in other tools with URL
  • NewAccessibility — Now you can use arrow keys on select blocks and enter for submission
  • NewUpload block — Allow people to upload an image file
  • NewNavigation block — Send users to a Formito from another Formito
  • NewMigration tool — Now old users can convert their Formito 1.0 chatbots to Formito 2.0 easily
  • UpdateDate Block — Ability to change date format
  • UpdateSend email action — Add a reply-to field so your leads reply to your own email instead of noreply@formito.com
  • UpdateImprove UI of Formito on large iframes
  • UpdateDate and Time blocks to ignore none numeric values

September 2020
  • NewTime block — Record values in hh:mm format