Collect Data

Pick the format of the data you need to capture from your visitor. Short text, long text, email, number, date, single-choice, and many more.

Chatbot builder blocks input
Chatbot builder blocks output

Present Info

Support the conversion with simple text and images. Present your business and information with social icons, links, and accordion.


Conditional Flow

You can control the flow of chatbot by inserting Label blocks in different points and jump to those points based on certain conditions.

Chatbot builder blocks conditional jump
Chatbot builder blocks variable
Chatbot builder blocks variable demo

Define & Assign

You can inject predefined values into every response of your chatbot or define a variable and change the variable based on the flow.


Configure Blocks

Every block comes with a set of properties to set behavior, design, and functionality of a block. You can configure them from the setting panel.


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